Business Cloud Solutions Palm Beach Gardens, FL: The Cloud makes all the Difference: Volume 1

All new businesses need a base amount of capital to be used in jump starting the business. That amount used in the initial investment determines a great deal about the initial infrastructure of that business. In the past that initial investment typically had to be quite high. Today, technology has provided small business the means of acquiring the abilities of major business and using them for their small scale operation. Cloud Solutions for the office allow a small business to operate with the speed, performance and reliability of major corporations without blowing their capital for it.  For a new business to survive in today’s business world saving on costs and maximizing on profits has never been more important. Business Cloud Solutions allow a small business the infrastructure for unlimited business growth while maintaining quality performance and productivity.



Cloud Computing is typically used by an individual or business to host its data and applications on a server belonging to third party provider. Small businesses benefit from this service due to its reliability, array of options, and monthly affordability. No longer does a small business have to invest in expensive servers, hard drives and computing infrastructure. All data is backed up and secured in secure locations outside of the workplace yet instantly accessible from the workplace. This data is then monitored and managed by established IT professionals. No longer does a small business have to employ the expertise of several staff salaries for the purpose of IT management. The cloud provider serves as an entire IT team for a small monthly cost affordable by virtually all small businesses.



One of the beauties of cloud backup solutions by companies like RDP Systems is the pay as you go system typically used by cloud providers. This monthly payment reduces a great deal of operational costs without sacrificing reliability, speed, performance or security. This IT solution sets the framework for a small business to pave its way ahead of its competition through the use of superior technology and office efficiency. The small business using the cloud pays for what they use while its competition invests into expensive low quality, unnecessary equipment and staff and is therefore already inferior with regards to profits and revenue from the very beginning.



An added bonus in cloud backup services for a small business is the anytime, anywhere factor. Since data from the office is not “in” the office but rather in a virtual server. It can be accessed from anywhere, whenever needed, by only those given permission. Using a laptop, tablet, pc, smart phone or other personal internet connected devices an employee can conduct business at all times, anytime, anywhere. This lays the groundwork for tremendous business productivity and unlimited potential. Today small businesses are able to employ the expertise of professionals who are not located in the same state or even same country. This if used the right way can eliminate the need for premises work. Meaning a business can run without paying rent on a large office. This saves more cost and with the use of better professionals in different places allows a company to maximize productivity and quality of work. These are just a few ways that business cloud solutions in Palm Beach Gardens from industry leading companies like RDP Systems can make a business operate like a corporation and experiences the successes as one as well.  Read on to Volume Two and see other ways Business Cloud Solutions makes all the difference.

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