Business Cloud Backup West Palm Beach, FL: Deduplication through Asigra enhances Data Recovery Speed and Ease.

When a business loses data the effects can be devastating. When the reliability and dependability of business systems and hardware is in question and security and continuity of data is threatened, action must be taken swiftly and correctly. Backup and recovery procedures are the primary and most effective means of ensuring data is safeguarded, regardless of what happens to business hardware. The act of “backing up” requires bandwidth consumption and a significant sized storage space for the backed up data.



Deduplication is a backup and recovery solution that incorporates local and client side duplication at the global level as well as the local level. Identifying data doubles not just by file title but by file content and searching for matching data scheduled for backup multiple times, the Asigra solution effectively eliminates this issue. Following a full data backup, Asigra’s Deduplication solution sends only edited or new data so that is does not affect bandwidth in a negative fashion. Through the elimination of replicate data, deduplication improves the backup while cutting on cost, all while greatly improving the ease and speed of data recovery.



Using reputable West Palm Beach, FL, Business Cloud Backup Techs like RDP Systems; solutions like Deduplication on Asigra can be integrated into your place of business, safeguarding mission critical data once and for all. A common problem with generic data backup solutions offered online is the corrupt file issue. When a data loss emergency occurs and you feel the pressure of possible data loss, the last thing you need is to recover a corrupted file. What is the point of backing up a corrupted file? With Autonomic Healing by Asigra, Asigra will continuously monitor all backed data searching for corrupted files. Autonomic Healing ensures that a file repair is done during the backup process bringing unique pro-active file protection to the cloud backup scene. When you need to recover a file, you need it to be in a valid usable state. Asigra through RDP Systems does just that.



Your delicate business data deserves only the best and Asigra through RDP Systems is just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy the benefits of Cloud Backup Solutions like Autonomic Healing and Deduplication at an affordable price that fits in the budget of even the smallest businesses. Pay for what you use not any more, not any less. Contact RDP Systems for your Business Cloud Backup in West Palm Beach, FL and get your data backed up on the cloud, before it’s lost.

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