Business Cloud Backup Palm Beach Gardens, FL: Get Your Business into the Cloud.

It’s pretty amazing what technology allows us to do these days. They have cars than can park themselves, cell phones that send texts and surf the internet via voice control and my personal favorite, the ability to go completely paperless. Think back during the time before email. People actually had to write letters, lick the stamp, and drive to the post office. How utterly ridiculous does that sound now that we can contact each other by pressing some buttons in a matter of seconds? Yes technology makes our lives easier and one of the newest advancements, the cloud, is helping the cause even more. Companies such as RDP Systems in Palm Beach Gardens offer cloud storage to businesses who want a reliable place to store their information.

If you’re a business owner and have been for some time, then you probably remember when files were the giant row of cabinets running along the walls of your office. You probably had some filing system so you knew where to look when you needed a specific folder. You still had to get up from your desk and go get it though. How cool was it when the computer allowed us to put all of our files on a hard drive, totally eliminating the need for gigantic filing cabinets. The move to virtual files was a pretty big shift and it really changed how people did business.

Before the computer, the only thing that could possibly harm a filing cabinet was a natural disaster ripping through your office. Once all the files went in the computer, a new threat emerged. A hard drive crash meant that you lost all the information you had stored, so it became pretty common for businesses to back up their files on a separate server. You still needed to have the server in house however, and actually they are just as susceptible to fire or water damage as a filing cabinet.

Enter the cloud. Here in the 21st century we have the luxury of cloud computing, which uses the internet as a storage system for all types of data. With the cloud, it doesn’t matter if your computer system is stolen or destroyed because all of your data is hosted remotely, meaning it can’t be lost. The cloud is ideal for businesses who have a lot of data and need a safe place to store it. It requires less maintenance and IT know-how then to have an in house server handle all of your info. It can also save you money because you don’t need to continue buying the newest servers every few years as space in the cloud is pretty much unlimited. Cloud companies such as RDP Systems offer business cloud backup in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and can guarantee that their hosting services are safe and secure.

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