Data Recovery Palm Beach Gardens, FL; Top Causes for Data Loss

Ever since the computer first became a staple in office environments, people have been dealing with the issue of data loss. Fear not however, because there are companies which specialize in data recovery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. RDP Systems is one such company which can help you in the event of a loss of data. There are many reasons people experience data loss, yet prevention and recovery are about the same for each. Here are some of the top causes for data loss which people experience.

Human Error

Everybody makes mistakes, that’s just life. However, don’t let human error be the reason you lose all of your data. People delete files on accident all the time. Many are embarrassed at admit it, but operator mistakes are one of the leading causes of data loss. When it happens it’s frustrating, but your situation is not always hopeless. When you accidently empty your computer’s trash bin only to realize that an important file was there by mistake, don’t despair because RDP Systems offers solutions to just that sort of problem. Accidental formatting is another way people unknowingly delete their important files. Formatting strips all data off a drive so it returns to its stock settings.

Another human error which can be much more costly is corporal damage. We don’t always pay really close attention to what we’re doing, so it’s not uncommon for coffee to get spilled on a laptop keyboard or a computer to get dropped to the ground. Hard drives are spinning discs which are very susceptible to damage. Dropping your computer or spilling on it doesn’t mean your data is gone forever, but it’s better to be careful and not let it happen in the first place!

Security Issues

Just like a human can catch a cold, so can a computer. Viruses and malware are serious problems which should be dealt with right away. If for some reason a virus does manage to get by your security software, and it does happen, it can be devastating to your files. It’s important to make sure you’re running the latest anti-virus software to prevent a cyber-attack. If your computer does fall victim to malware, there is a chance your data can be recovered.

General drive failures are common as well, yet they are not the result of human error. Things break, it happens. If you hear strange noises coming from your machine then it may indicate something is wrong with your drive. File corruption, also known as logical error, can be the result of a failing hard drive which needs to be replaced.

A Higher Power

Sometimes data loss is simply the result of natural disasters. Power outages or surges can harm a hard drive, as can lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes and fire. There is no predicting events like these so it’s best to have a company who specializes in data recovery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL like RDP Systems help you with your data recovery.

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