Why You Must Have a Disaster Recovery Plan


Sometimes Mother Nature can be a real witch. While the majority of the days in Florida are full of sunshine, occasionally the weather can be a bit nasty. The biggest threat for Floridians is definitely hurricanes, which have a nasty habit of wrecking just about everything in their path. Just ask the people of New York and New Jersey what it was like after Hurricane Sandy rolled in like an out of control freight train. Massive flooding and wind damage turned quaint sea-side hamlets into rubble. Disaster recovery is a huge industry, particularly in a computing sense. Those looking for disaster recovery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL want to protect their valuable files, whether they be business related or personal. If a disaster comes to town and you’re computer or hard drive is destroyed, how much valuable data would you lose? With disaster recovery from a company like RDP Systems, you can rest easy knowing that if you lost everything, you really haven’t lost much at all.

When most people think about the cloud and remote data hosting, their biggest concern is usually with security.  We’ve all seen what internet hackers are capable of. Just recently Twitter is one site which has seen a rash of hackings, including such notable accounts as Associated Press. Twitter probably has decent security measures in place, but they were no match for a skilled cyber attacker. A company like RDP Systems understands that they are the last line of defense between your important data and someone looking to steal it. Industry leading security measures are placed on every server to ensure your data is safe. Backing up your files is just about the cheapest and easiest way to avoid losing everything. Full recovery after a disaster is often a long and expensive process, especially when you’re battling with an insurance company. Having your files backed up can save you a huge headache and let you worry about more important things in the case of an emergency.

The most common issues with data loss stem from user error. Most people are smart enough to know that trying to do any sort of data recovery after a disaster should be done by a professional like those at RDP Systems. You never know when you might make a mistake and delete something important or when a hurricane is going to make a mess of things. However, you do know that trusting your data on a secure remote server means that you won’t really lose anything at all.

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