RDP Systems

The days of purchasing several external hard drives to keep up with your businesses storage demands have already long passed. The need to maintain & protect your businesses data has never been more important than it is today. The internet flows with risks, and every PC component has its expiration date, especially hard drives. A loss of precious data on a company hard drive can mean serious implications and repercussions for that business. RDP Systems makes business storage, backup and recovery a user friendly, efficient and safe concept that is finely tuned to the unique needs of every specific business, large or small.  Let us show you what makes RDP Systems Cloud Backup and Recovery Services & Solutions second to none.

Why is RDP Systems the number one choice for all businesses? In one word, Asigra!

At RDP we ensure all of our clients no matter how big or small, and regardless of what field they are in, all receive the best technology the industry has to offer. This comes in the form of Asigra Cloud Backup and Recovery Software.

What makes Asigra who they are? In one word, Innovation!

Asigra has grown into a Business Backup and Recovery juggernaut due to a culmination of methods and technologies developed over an impressive span of 25 years, and have accumulated extensive and proven industry experience.

Why are RDP Systems and Asigra the industries leaders they are today?

Fusing the innovation of Asigra and the dynamic options, services and capabilities of RDP Systems, RDP clients receive a unique, one of a kind product, custom oriented to fit their business needs, giving them exactly what they need without having to pay for what they don’t. By means of custom pricing and feature options, RDP clients get the services they have always wanted, at the price they always dreamed of.

What can RDP clients expect?

Technology that makes cloud backup and recovery simple for the average user-

In the world of data storage, the act of installing agents on to every company application or machine in need of protection is simply obsolete. Using industry leading programming interfaces, RDP clients receive a service that uses an agentless system that extends over a business network and efficiently and un-disruptively backs up operating systems, applications and file systems using an innovative programming interface. This interface removes the need for an open port which essentially avoids one of the most major security risks completely.

Industry leading security certifications and second to none encryption-

RDP Clients receive the industries only cloud backup and recovery software whose security is designed to meet the protection needs of our healthcare and government. This is why RDP clients are at ease knowing that their information is safeguarded at all times by the best encryption on the market.

Universal device support on one simple platform-

RDP Clients receive the Industries first platform capable of backing up processes of all desired devices across a businesses network and restoring that data within minutes throughout an offices network, including today’s smart phones and tablets as well as servers, laptops, and desktops.

Multiplatform Flexibility-

The Cloud Backup received my RDP Clients is hardware and vendor agnostic making the combined use of platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows in unison not only possible, but with proper RDP configuration techniques, they will operate with increased performance and possess failover protection.

Multi Protection Strategy Support-

RDP Clients vary in size and industry. The Cloud Backup and Recovery Service they receive is capable of adapting to the needs of every business, effectively handling private, public and hybrid cloud set ups. While ensuring the reliable protection of all client data, RDP & Asigra effectively evolve to their client’s ever changing backup and protection plans to improve compliance and security.

Cost Savings-

The Cloud Backup and Recovery Services received by RDP client’s implements the use of their existing network infrastructure so that they avoid the expenses associated with the purchasing and installation of pricey equipment. RDP Techs ensure a client’s network and backup processes never interfere with the day to day operations of its client’s, allowing them to allocate their man power and resources to the success of their business, knowing their technology is being maintained and safeguarded every day.